Education 101: 7 important steps for choosing the right degree program

These days you are likely to come across many people who vilify higher education as a waste of time. They encourage you to learn a skill instead and use the money you would rather pay in tuition fees to invest in a venture.

Now, while nothing is wrong with learning extra skills and investing money in profitable ventures, let it be known that nothing replaces education. If you approach education with the right mindset, the benefits you can derive from it outweigh the cost of getting it.

This article, therefore, aims to help you out in this regard. Higher education can open new horizons for you, but you must be prepared to undertake this journey. You probably will not get instant results, but you will be better off in the long run if you do things the right way.

Choosing the right degree program is vital to make the most of it. Many people simply follow the crowd when it should be a decision tailored to your customized needs. So, this article lays down the steps to help you choose the right degree program.

1.  Review present options

You cannot walk into a blind alley, pick a random option, and expect things to work out. It does not work like that; rather, the first step is to review all present options to decide on the right track.

Do you want to pursue higher education in your hometown? How many colleges offer the program you are looking for? Do they carry the right accreditation? For instance, if you are a registered nurse, you might want to check out some cheap RN to BSN programs for career progression. The point is that once your options are clear, you should be able to make a better comparison.

2.  Be clear about your ambitions

People are often advised to be clear about their ambitions, but many of us like to take things as they come. While reflexivity can help you in various areas of life, education is not one of them if you have the luxury of choosing.

You need to be clear about your ambitions. Ask yourself why you even want to go to college. What is going to college going to do for you? What can you do with a degree? Notice the last two questions look at the same qualification from different angles. This is how you should prepare your mindset.

3.  List down your objectives

This is an extension of the previous point. If you are clear about your ambitions, you should be able to list down a few objectives. It is highly recommended that these objectives be realistic and well-thought-out because they will keep you going when you think of giving up.

List down three important objectives that will create a mental framework for you to decide on your future. If needed, you can go into the specifics and discuss your objectives in detail. But that is totally up to you; you can customize this process to your requirements.

4.  Create a career roadmap

At this stage, you should be evaluating real-world scenarios. It is highly recommended that you drop idealism at this stage and see things as they are rather than how you want them to be. If you live in a small town and want to continue living there, are you sure you would be able to find a high-paying job with that degree in astrophysics?

So, assess things wisely. You should have a roadmap for your career. Start by answering a couple of questions in this regard. Where do you intend to find work after graduation? How much do you expect to make at your first job? Are there chances of growth in the sector you are interested in? Does the profession satisfy you intellectually or personally? Once you have a career roadmap, you should be able to move on to the next step.

5.  Consider other opportunities

Many think of a degree program as limited to attending classes and finishing assignments. There is a lot more to it. Let us illustrate this with an example.

For most MBA programs, networking is an important aspect. While networking is not a requirement of the degree, it can help you expand your horizon and open various opportunities for you. So, if you are considering MBA, you would want to go to a university that offers you the right opportunities to build your network.

6.  Compare program costs

Now that you have many important variables sorted out, you need to investigate its affordability. With tuition being expensive, you want to decide on something that is affordable and offers the highest returns on investment. Sometimes, spending a bit higher than your budget is worth it if the returns are going to be high. This applies to universities in the top tier.

So, compare program costs and list the pros and cons of each program. Moreover, see if the colleges you are considering offer scholarships or financial assistance. Sometimes these opportunities are available, but we overlook them out of sheer ignorance. Therefore, better to investigate everything you can before you decide.

7.  Assess difficulty

This is a subjective process; you can only get the right results if you are honest with yourself. Idealism aside, can you do that technical degree even if you set your heart and mind to it? Are you interested enough to put in extra hours of hard work to ace it? Do you have the required skills, or can you build them in the limited time you have?

See, these questions need to be answered with the utmost honesty. You cannot do well at something if you are not confident about handling the challenges it poses. Speak to others in the field or some recent graduates to develop a better understanding of the situation.


Choosing the right degree program can be easy if you follow the right steps. Review your options, be clear about your ambitions, list your objectives, create a roadmap, consider other opportunities, compare program costs, and assess difficulty. These steps should help you make the

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Why Video Content is Essential for Any Business | Content Marketing in Australia

Video content is becoming important in the digital world. This is true for businesses looking to engage their audience. Corporate video production in Sydney is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

There are eight key reasons why it’s essential for success. The benefits of video content are endless. It boosts brand awareness and improves customer engagement.

This blog post explores why video content is essential for any business in Australia.

Improved SEO and visibility on search engines

Video content can boost your business’s search engine optimization and search engine visibility. Adding a video to your website can increase visitors’ time and decrease your bounce rate.

These elements are essential to search engines when evaluating the website’s credibility. This can improve your search engine rankings.

You can easily share video content on social media. This increases the chances of your website being discovered by a larger audience. This brings more traffic to your site.

Increased engagement and conversion rates

Video content has been shown to increase engagement and conversion rates for businesses. This is because videos are more engaging and easier to consume.

When people watch a video, they are more likely to retain the information and be more likely to take action. This is especially true for explainer videos. They can effectively communicate complex information in a short amount of time.

Also, including a call to action in the video can further increase the chances of conversion.

Enhanced customer understanding and retention of information

One key benefit of video for your business is enhancing customer information understanding.

This is because videos are a highly engaging and immersive medium. They allow you to convey your message and ideas to your audience. You can better illustrate complex concepts and ideas with visual and auditory elements. This makes it easier for your customers to understand and retain the information.

Besides, video content is more likely to stick in viewers’ minds. This helps to increase retention rates and overall engagement with your brand.

Improved social media engagement and reach

One crucial benefit of using video is increased social media engagement. Video’s visual and auditory elements make it easier for audiences to retain information. They’ll feel more connected to the content.

Social media algorithms often prioritize video content. This means that your posts have the potential to reach a wider audience.

Incorporating video into your social media strategy helps increase your brand’s engagement.

Enhanced customer trust and credibility

A critical benefit of using video content is the potential for enhanced customer trust and credibility.

Customers who see a professional video will perceive your company as trustworthy. This is especially true if the video showcases your products or services. This helps customers visualize how they could benefit from your offerings. 

Video can also be a powerful tool for building credibility. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise and showcase your unique value proposition.

Increased email open and click-through rates

Including video content in email marketing campaigns can increase open and click-through rates. This is because videos are a more engaging and visually appealing medium.

When people see a thumbnail image or a play button in their inbox, they are more likely to be intrigued. This makes them want to learn more. Research has shown that including a video in an email can boost click-through rates by as much as 300%.

Not only that but using video can also lead to higher conversion rates and more sales. Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts? Consider incorporating video content into your strategy.

Opportunities for personalization and customization

One benefit of using video content is the opportunity for personalization and customization.

With video, you can tailor the content specifically to your target audience. This can help to increase engagement and conversions. You can achieve this through personalized messaging and tailored visuals. Also, use customized calls to action.


Leveraging the power of video helps you create a more personalized and effective marketing strategy. This will resonate with your audience and help drive your business results.

Versatility and adaptability

Video content has become an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. Versatility and adaptability are two key factors contributing to its success.

You can easily adapt your content to different formats and platforms with video. For example, you can create a short social media video for Instagram. Or a longer explainer video for your website or a live video for a Facebook event.

You can effectively reach and engage with your target market. You can tailor your content to specific purposes and audiences.


Video content is essential for any business. It helps to engage and retain customers and improve brand awareness and credibility. It also increases conversions and sales. With the rise of social media and mobile usage in Australia, video content marketing is now a powerful tool.


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Books All Entrepreneurs Must Read

Cuyler Pagano Blog Banner

Many factors go into becoming an entrepreneur, such as education and experience. I’ve often wondered if people can become great entrepreneurs without experiencing the hard lessons that come with running a business.

Some of the most valuable lessons in an entrepreneurial journey can be learned from these books.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t

In this book, Jim Collins talks about transforming a good company into a great one. He explains the various factors that go into making a great company happen, and he also provides practical advice on how to improve your company’s performance.

Most entrepreneurs have a hard time thinking about how they would move their businesses into a multi-million dollar organization or what choices they would make once they finally reach that level. This book takes an in-depth look at how successful organizations have grown.

Behold the Dreamers

The uplifting novel Behold the Dreamers is a timeless plea for courage that draws on the experiences of a young Cameroonian woman during the 2008 financial crisis. It shows a different side of the immigrant experience and provides a glimpse into what it’s like to be an immigrant in the US. The story is relevant as various equality movements have changed what it means to be an immigrant.

The Psychology of Selling

One of the most critical factors that any entrepreneur must consider when starting a successful business is the ability to sell their product. The proper sales technique is also essential to ensure their potential customers are satisfied.

Brian Tracy’s book provides valuable strategies and information on how to make more money by focusing on one thing in particular: the person. This is very important for entrepreneurs as they often forget the basics regarding selling. Brian goes over the major points in this book to get results.

The Lean Startup

After you have identified the perfect business idea, you’re ready to take the next step and validate it. In The Lean Startup, Eric Ries teaches you how to do this without investing much money or time. He also provides a step-by-step process that will help you avoid getting carried away by the endless possibilities of running a business.

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ABRAXAS a Top Tech Startup in Albuquerque, NM 2023!

Albuquerque, NM Top Tech Startups 2023

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 2023. Abraxas DAO made the list as #10!

Several factors were considered including but not limited to:

  1. Revenue potential
  2. Leadership team
  3. Brand/product traction
  4. Competitive landscape

Additionally, all companies must be independent (unacquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

You can also find an Interview with Abraxas CEO here.

New Comic – Chill Cubes: Seeds of Revolution

Chill Cubes – Seeds of Revolutions starts right where Punkin Patch Issue 1 leaves off!

Join the Punkin Wizard as he summons his frozen friends the Chill Cubes to help with an urgent mission; the journey to the seed vault. The Chill Cubes encounter some epic enemies as they fight for their lives along the way to secure the Punkin seeds deep with the mountain vault.

Snow, Ice, Yetis, Witches and More!

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